About Us


Journey Decor began with an intention to inspire the everyday woman to create a home they love. With the support of a talented team,  our customers helped us quickly realize just how easily handcrafted decor can transform a space.  It was during that time that the Journey Decor Brand truly began. As we have expanded, we have been on a journey to continue to inspire others in their own creativity to create a home they love. Our handcrafted wreaths, scroll signs, and lasting housewarming gifts provide this notion that none of us ladies really have it all together, but our homes can still be filled with luxury, handcrafted decor that makes us feel like we do! Journey Decor will continue to stay true to our own personal journey of supporting women, creativity and empowering every family to feel at home, no matter where they may be in life’s journey .



 Photo of Owner with Customer Packages

Journey Decor has allowed me to pursue my creativity to the fullest extent.  All of my wreaths are handcrafted with love from the beautiful region of upstate New York. As a black woman entrepreneur, wife, sister, and mom of two beautiful daughters, I strive to empower and inspire all women to create a home they love. 

With Gratitude,